Tyre Rotation vs Wheel Alignment – What’s The Difference?

Even the most capable drivers in Wellington don’t know whether wheel alignment and tyre rotation are the same. That’s why we at Grip Tyres & Wheels are here to help! We can confidently answer any questions you may have about wheel alignment and tyre rotation. And, these tasks are decidedly not the same. But, what’s…
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Can Punctured Car Tyres Be Repaired?

While tyres are less likely to be punctured, if you purchase high-quality tyres from leading suppliers (like ourselves at GTW!), there is still the possibility of tyres being punctured. So, when you realise that you do have a puncture, you might be wondering, “Can a punctured car tyre be repaired?” - let’s find out.  Repairing…
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3 Warning Signs Your Car’s Overdue A Wheel Alignment

How do you know if you need a wheel alignment? More often than not, there are wheel alignment warning signs that should be taken into consideration. At GTW, we not only supply high-quality tyres and mag wheels, our trained technicians also offer a wheel alignment service.  Wheel alignment is key to minimising tyre wear and…
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